Windsor Hills is the top vacation rental destination for Disney visitors seeking an affordable alternative. The Windsor Hills community features executive level resort style amenities in a fun, secure, family-friendly atmosphere that is located less than five minutes from the Walt Disney World Resorts.

I got involved with Windsor Hills properties back in 2005 and have been one of the top selling Windsor Hills agents on and off through the years. I work with a lot of investment-minded individuals and try to put a lot of effort into making sure that my clients are getting the best deal possible given current market conditions.

I’m a big believer in Windsor Hills and have witnessed several other competing complexes deteriorate over these recent years. Windsor Hills has stood apart from the others, both in overall quality and occupancy rates – people love this place and continue to come back year after year. This is why Windsor Hills continues to be one of the best short term rental complexes in Central Florida.

Windsor Hills in the Kissimmee / Orlando area is the top short-term rental vacation complex for folks who want to be close Walt Disney World and the other attractions. The Windsor Hills resort amenities are great for families seeking an affordable alternative to staying on Disney property, and as Windsor Hills is the closest such property to the Walt Disney World Resorts, you and your family will spend less time in the car (the drive is about 5 minutes) and more time having fun.

Windsor Hills’ proximity to Disney is only one of the draws. The overall quality and care of the property, the 24-hour guard-gated security, and its popularity with visitors make Windsor Hills a fantastic investment property.

Windsor Hills has a wide variety of property types. Whether you are seeking to purchase a condo, a townhouse, or a single family home, there are a wide range of sizes and price points available. Windsor Hills units can often be purchased fully-furnished for a turn-key property that is ready for your vacation or renters.

Some things to consider if you want to buy a home in Windsor Hills:

Where is the unit located with respect to the pool? This can make a difference on what kind of renters you ultimately target.

Find out if the bookings in place for the Windsor Hills property will transfer with your purchase.

Be cautious when dealing with a brokerage that is affiliated with a management company. The rents and the occupancy rates are sometimes less than accurate. Windsor Hills is a great investment complex, but there is a lot of variation among owners and management companies as to how their units perform. Keep in mind that Windsor Hills property management companies that are also selling units in Windsor Hills have an inherent conflict of interest. Request documented rental histories (including rent rates) on a property before you get serious.

I work with existing Windsor Hills owners who wish to sell, and with new families who are seeking representation in their purchase. Please contact me if I can assist you or answer any questions you might have about the Windsor Hills community.